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Green Lantern Footage/Trailer

After the pretty divisive original trailer for the upcoming DC movie Green Lantern, DC has remained extremely stealthy about any other trailers or footage.  Most of the news about the movie was coming from the toy line.  At this weekend’s Wonder Con however, DC and Warner Bros. finally revealed some more footage and the reception from those in attendance was so positive that they decided to release an abridged version of the footage onto the internet in a sort of pseudo trailer.  I appreciate the fact that the footage is highlighting the cosmic nature of the Green Lantern Corps. as opposed to the original trailer, which was trying to be Iron Man lite.  The effects look a lot better in this footage as well, which is the main reason DC/WB has given for the reason for the lack of additional footage or trailers since the original trailer.  Check out the footage below and the movie is out in June.

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