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Know Your “That Guy”: Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn

Born: August 24, 1956

Number of Roles: 97

Best Known for Playing: Overbearing fathers, corporate higher up who cares more about the bottom line than people

First Appearance: Anthony Kubecek on Jack and Mike (1986)

Most Recent Appearance: DA George Kupcheck on Harry’s Law (2011)

Notable Roles

  • Ron Witwicky in the Tranformers movies
  • Oscar Galvin in Unstoppable
  • Howard on Samantha Who?
  • Mark in Vicky Christina Barcelona
  • Jonathan Weiner on Boston Legal
  • Cooper Green on Prison Break
  • Ted Dexter in Gridiron Gang
  • Coach Hardwick on 7th Heaven
  • General Hicks in Godzilla
  • Stuart Abernathy in Small Soldiers
  • FBI Agent Doyle in Chain Reaction
  • Lt Cmdr. James Block in Hot Shots!
  • J. Edgar Hoover in Chaplin
  • Lt. Sal Roselli in Marked for Death
  • Joel Hornick on Seinfeld

Fun Facts

  • Was originally considered  for the role of George Constanza on Seinfeld, guest starred as Jerry’s “friend” Joel Hornick in the first season.
  • Has appeared in four Ivan Reitman movies
  • Brother of actress Nora Dunn

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