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News Shotgun 4/15

  • Bradley Cooper in talks for The Crow remake: Relativity Media’s remake of The Crow has had an up and down run trying to get into production but a major step toward it getting made might be happening as Bradley Cooper is supposedly in talks to play the title character.  I really like Bradley Cooper but he doesn’t seem like a good fit for a dark, brooding character like The Crow and the bar was set incredibly high by Brandon Lee in the original.  We’ll have to see if this thing even gets made first.
  • Walter Hill directing Stallone in Headshot: For Sly’s next non-Expendables gig, he’s starring in the buddy action flick Headshot.  Stallone is playing a veteran assassin who teams up with a rookie NYPD cop to investigate a series of murders.  It was announced this past week that Walter Hill, director of Red Heat, Last Man Standing and The Warriors, will be directing the movie.
  • They Live remake in the works: Universal announced this past week that Matt Reeves will be making a new thriller based on the Ray Nelson short story “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” which was also the inspiration for the cult classic They Live.  Reeves’ version is supposed to be less goofy than John Carpenter’s classic and closer to the original story, where the main character just woke up one day with the revelation that there are aliens among us controlling society.  Reeves is a talented up and comer and, while I love They Live, it wouldn’t hurt to have a more concentrated, serious take on the story.
  • Completed Green Lantern Suit: Warner Bros. released some shots of the completed effects for Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern suit this week:

  • First look at Josh Brolin and Will Smith in Men in Black 3:

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