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News Shotgun 5/13

By Zach

  • Expendables 2 Plot details: After the news last week about Jean Claude Van Damme possibly joining Expendables 2 as a bad guy, we learned what the plot of the movie is.  Mickey Rourke’s character, Tool, is killed during a mission and the Expendables vow revenge.  Tool’s daughter Fiona also vows revenge but gets in over her head and is captured by a ruthless dictator and The Expendables must bust their way in to save her.  It seems like the plot of the first movie, only this time, it’s personal.
  • Danny Trejo joining Sons of Anarchy: The man they call Machete is joining FX’s motorcycle crime show for a four episode arc as Romero “Romeo” Prada, a former Mexican soldier who joins the Sons of Anarchy.
  • Dinosaurs vs Aliens coming to theaters and comics: The creative team of Barry Sonnenfeld, director of the Men in Black movies, and comic legend Grant Morrison are bringing another entry in the ____ vs _____ genre with Dinosaurs vs Aliens.  Barry Sonnenfeld will direct the movie and Grant Morrison will write the script and also a graphic novel.  It’s basically exactly what you think it is with an alien race invading Earth in primeval times and running afoul of the local wildlife.
  • Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen on 2 1/2 Men: So the show will be even more awful, great.
  • NBC passes on Wonder Woman show: NBC passed on the David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman show starring Adrienne Padlicki.  Fan reaction was not very positive to say the least about the costume and the idea that Wonder Woman would be a lawyer as her day job.
  • Safety Not Guaranteed Meme becoming a movie: If you’ve ever been on YTMND or related sites, then you’re probably well acquainted with the “Safety Not Guaranteed” meme, which was inspired by an apparently real classified ad where a guy was looking for partners to time travel with him, provided they bring their own weapons.  Jeff Garlin, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Aubrey Plaza and Kristen Bell will star in the film version and it will follow three magazine reporters who are assigned to investigate the ad.  Big Beach Studios, the company behind Little Miss Sunshine and other indie comedies, is producing the movie.

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