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Fall TV: New Fox Shows

All the major networks are having their “upfronts” this week where they show off all their new shows that will be coming out next season. ¬†We’ll kick it off with Fox, who debuted the trailers for Alcatraz and, finally, a full trailer for Terra Nova

Alcatraz is the latest show from JJ Abrams and is, thankfully, back in the Sci Fi genre. It follows a San Fransisco detective who is called to investigate a grisly murder and learns that the suspect is a man who was a prisoner at Alcatraz over 40 years ago and has seemingly reappeared, unaged. Detective Madsen (played by Sarah Jones from “Sons of Anarchy”) gets information from an Alcatraz expert, Dr. Diego Soto (Jorge Garcia of Lost) and they both learn from shady FBI Agent Hauser (Sam Neill) that the Alcatraz prisoners were never transfered when the prison shut down, they all vanished, and they are now reappearing in the present day and someone is enlisting them for nefarious purposes. It’s definitely in the Fringe/Lost vein and Sam Neill is always awesome, so I’ll be on board.

The long delayed Terra Nova is also supposed to be finally coming out this fall after getting delayed from last season. The show is produced by Steven Spielberg and follows a family from the overpopulated, pollution contaminated future as they join an expedition to travel back in time to set up a colony. I’m kind of worried that in the trailer there was only like two shots of dinosaurs but maybe they’re not wanting to blow their dinosaurs load before the show airs. If it’s all family drama and barely any dinosaurs, I’m gonna be seriously disappointed.

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