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Fall TV: NBC Shows

NBC has been seriously struggling in the ratings, so I bet their hoping that one of their new shows will be a hit.  From what I’ve seen, they might have to wait another season as their new shows don’t really seem to exciting.

One of two new “Similar to Fables but we can prove in a court of law it isn’t!” shows is Grimm, which follows a cop who learns that he’s the last of the “Grimms”, which grants him the ability to see that some people are actually fairy tale creatures like werewolves, trolls, etc. Using his new abilities, he starts getting involved in cases involving these supernatural beings. The “trailer” that NBC is showing off is basically a minisode that gives away the entire plot of what I’m guessing is the pilot.

Slightly more interesting, although it seems like it’s going to be super melodramatic, is Awake, starring Jason Issacs. Issacs plays a cop who gets into a car accident with his family and, soon afterwards, starts living in dual realities. In one reality, it was his wife who died and in the other it was his son and every day alternates between the two. Issacs also starts to experience that cases he works in one reality have some sort of connection to the other reality.

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