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Know Your “That Guy”: David Morse


David Morse

Born: October 11, 1953

Number of Roles: 83

Best Known for Playing: Gruff, cool, bad ass second in commands, military, SWAT

First Appearance: Jerry Maxwell in Inside Moves (1980)

Most Recent Appearance: Lt. Terry Colson on Treme (2011)

Notable Roles

  • Jerry “Rainmaker” Raines on Lights Out
  • Webster in Drive Angry 3D
  • Colonel Reed in The Hurt Locker
  • Michael Tritter on House
  • Det. Frank Nugent in 16 Blocks
  • Mike Olshansky on Hack
  • Brutus “Brutal” Howell in The Green Mile
  • Adam Beck in The Negotiator
  • Ted Arroway in Contact
  • Major Baxter in The Rock
  • Dr. Peters in 12 Monkeys
  • Captain Brian Engle in The Langoliers
  • Mr. Turner in Disturbia

Fun Facts

  • Has frequently appeared in Stephen King adaptations
  • His four favorite movies that he’s done are The Green Mile, The Crossing Guard, The Indian Runner and The Rock.
  • The only actor to have played both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
  • Allergic to most forms of sugar

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