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Know Your “That Guy”: Joaquim De Almeida

Joaquim De Almeida

Born: March 15, 1957

Number of Roles: 104

Best Known for Playing: Latin American drug kingpins

First Appearance: The Soldier’s Force in The Soldier (1982)

Most Recent Appearance: Hernan Reyes in Fast Five (2011)

Notable Roles

  • Ramon Salazar on 24 Season 3
  • Col. Felix Cortez in Clear and Present Danger
  • Bucho in Desperado
  • General Santa Anna in The Mask of Zorro
  • Admiral Piquet in Behind Enemy Lines
  • Reynaldo in No Vacancy
  • Bane on The Batman
  • Captain Manuel Valenza on Wanted
  • President Rene Barrientos in Che: Part Two

Fun Facts

  • Speaks five languages fluently
  • Dual Portuguese and American citizenship

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