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“Just When You Thought it was Safe to Go in the Water”

It looks like sharks might be on the way to a comeback as horror monsters if these two recent trailers are any evidence.

First up is a movie that is coming out this Summer, Shark Night 3D. Coming from the director of Snakes on a Plane and the producers behind The Texas Chainsaw Masacre and Hostel, Shark Night 3D finds a group of douchebaggy college students who head to one of their friend’s lake houses for a weekend of fun and sun but they soon learn that a pack of vicious sharks have been released into the lake, possibly by someone with nefarious purposes. The trailer makes everything feel a little to serious but hopefully there’s some ridiculously hilarious deaths and gimmicky use of 3D, like last year’s awesomely over the top Piranha.

Slightly more nebulous in release date is Bait, coming from Australia. A supermarket robbery is interrupted by a freak tsunami and everyone inside must attempt to put aside their differences when they realize that the tsunami wave didn’t just fill the supermarket with water, but sharks as well. It’s like The Mist + Deep Blue Sea + Deep Rising. The above trailer is a just a sales trailer, so there’s no release date or distributor set yet but it’s so insane that hopefully it comes out.

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