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Battle at the Box Office 5/30

The Wolfpack was back with a vengeance this weekend as The Hangover Part 2 pretty much doubled the opening weekend of the original with $86.5 million plus another $30 million on Thursday, bringing it’s grand total to just over $118 million.  The original Hangover made $45 million and took ten days to pass the $100 million mark.  The original had incredible legs however, so we’ll have to see if Hangover 2 has the same staying power.  A distant second was Kung Fu Panda 2 which, unlike Hangover 2, failed to top it’s predecessor.  Panda 2 made $53.8 million on Thurday-Sunday, while the original made $66.6 million in it’s four day opening weekend.  Pirates 4 had a pretty substantial drop from it’s number one weekend last week.  It dropped 56% and came in third with $39.3.  Bridesmaids took the fourth place spot with $16.3 million while Thor rounded out the top 5 with $9.4 million.  A major mover was the latest from Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris, which jumped from thirteenth last week to seventh this week.

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