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Know Your “That Guy”: Bill Duke

Bill Duke

Born: February 26, 1943

Number of Roles: 51

Best Known for Playing: Super intimidating, super intense cops/soldiers/mercenaries

First Appearance: Mr. Sands on Santiago’s Ark and Santiago’s America (ABC Afterschool Specials) (1972-1975)

Most Recent Appearance: Drummer in The Big Bang (2011)

Notable Roles

  • Mac in Predator
  • Cooke in Commando
  • Luther Freeman on Palmerstown, USA
  • Capt. Earl Armbruster in Action Jackson
  • Albert Diggs in Bird on a Wire
  • Detective in Menace II Society
  • Mr. Johnson in Sister Act II
  • Det. Hicks in Payback
  • Chief Hinges in Exit Wounds
  • Capt. Bob Parish on Fastlane
  • Amos Andrews on Karen Sisco
  • Trask in X-Men: The Last Stand
  • Detective on The Boondocks

Fun Facts

  • Frequently works with Laurence Fishburne
  • Prolific director as well as actor
  • Was considered for the role of Lt. Al Giardello on Homicide: Life on the Street

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