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News Shotgun 6/10

By Zach

  • Roland Emmerich being offered the Asteroids movie: Master of Disaster, Roland Emmerich, is apparently being offered the director’s chair for the movie version of the classic arcade game Asteroids.  There is still no idea how the game would be translated to a movie but I would be interested if it would be Emmerich’s version of Armageddon.
  • Daredevil Reboot following the “Born Again” storyline: Rumors were swirling around this week that the upcoming Daredevil reboot, being directed by David Slade, will be based on the Frank Miller/David Mazzuccheli storyline, “Born Again”, where the Kingpin discovers that the Daredevil is Matt Murdock and makes his life a living hell.
  • Killer Elite coming out in September: Announced this week was a new action movie starring Jason Statham called Killer Elite, inspired by a true story.  Statham will play an ex-special forces soldier who must come to the rescue of his mentor after he’s kidnapped by a team of assassins.  Making this movie seem even cooler is that Robert De Niro will be the mentor and Clive Owen will be the leader of the assassins.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio in talks to be the villain of Django Unchained: We’ve been hearing little bits about Tarantino’s upcoming movie, Django Unchained, and the latest bit is that Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks to play the villain of the movie, a wealthy plantation owner.  In other bit of Django news, Will Smith starring seems to be becoming less of a possibility every day and the new three front runners are Idris Elba, Chris Tucker and Jamie Foxx.
  • King Kong being remade yet again: Fox Animation is apparently making yet another version of King Kong after the original, the 1976 version and the Peter Jackson version.  This new version will be animated and will follow the story from Kong’s perspective.


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