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News Shotgun 6/17

  • Hot Wheels latest toy turned movie: Legendary Pictures is looking to turn Mattel’s Hot Wheels car line into a movie along the lines of the Fast & Furious movies.  Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Joe Roth will be producing.  If you’re wondering how you make a narrative out of the Hot Wheels toy line, I present “Heroes on Hot Wheels”

  • New “The Wolverine” director is James Mangold: We reported on the “The Wolverine” director short list a couple weeks ago and this week we learned that the new man in charge is 3:10 to Yuma director James Mangold.  Mangold also directed Cop Land.
  • The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cast announced: Nickelodeon has a new TMNT cartoon coming out later this year and the voice cast has been announced for the Turtles.  Leonardo will be played by Jason Biggs, Raphael will be voiced by Sean Astin, Original Raphael, Rob Paulsen, will voice Donatello and Greg Cipes (of Ben 10 and other cartoons) will voice Michaelangelo.
  • Simon West directing The Expendables 2: Stallone stepped down from the director’s chair for the sequel to The Expendables and it was announced this week that Simon West will be directing Expendables 2.  West has a bunch of action movies under his belt including Con Air, Tomb Raider and the remake of The Mechanic.
  • Boondock Saints: The TV Show: Slightly crazy Boondock Saints director, Troy Duffy, recently mentioned in an interview that he feels like instead of a third movie in the franchise, a TV show would the direction he’d want to go.  He said if it happened, he would want it on a cable or premium network, like HBO or AMC, and he’s sure that Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus would “drop everything” to star in it.
  • The Killing gets renewed: AMC seems to have another winner on their hands as they’ve renewed The Killing for another season.  It’s not clear whether the Rosie Larsen murder would continued into the second season or if detectives Holder and Lindon would have a new murder to solve.


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