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Musical Montage: Transformers

Michael Bay’s take on the Transformers has a clear technological advantage over the classic 80’s cartoon movie but one way the original handily trumps the Bayformers is with it’s amazing soundtrack, lead by Stan Bush and full of awesomely cheesy 80’s metal.  Put on your neon headbands and check out some of the best tracks from Transformers: The Movie.

“The Touch” by Stan Bush

“Dare” by Stan Bush

“Nothing’s Gonna Stand in Our Way” by Spectre General

“Instruments of Destruction” by N.R.G.

“Transformer’s Theme” by Lion

“Hunger” by Kick Axe

“Dare to be Stupid” by Weird Al

“Autobots/Decepticons Battle” by Vince Dicola (Also the composer of the Rocky IV score)

“Arrival to Earth” by Steve Jablonsky (Even though it can’t compare soundtrack wise, I’m a big fan of the score for the Michael Bay Transformers)

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