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“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” Teaser

By brian

We here at EA are, of course, big action movie fans. So it should come to no surprise that we are also huge fans of the Tom Cruise “Mission Impossible” movie series as well. Following 2006’s grossly underrated “Mission Impossible III” comes a new installment subtitled “Ghost Protocol”. Cruise is of course back, and so is Simon Pegg, who seems to have a larger role compared to the last movie. Joining the IMF crew this time around is Tom Wilkinson and “Hurt Locker”‘s own Jeremy Renner. I loved Renner in that movie and as a douchebag villain in “S.W.A.T.” and in the teaser it looks like his character has a dark side as well. It also doesn’t hurt to have Brad “The Incredibles” Bird behind the camera for his live-action directorial debut. Check out the teaser below or here in HD, the movie drops December 16th.

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