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The Thing (2011) Trailer

Something we haven’t heard anything about in a while, the prequel to John Carpenter’s classic The Thing, has reemerged today with a new poster and this first trailer.  This new movie in the The Thing universe follows the ill fated Norwegian research team in Antarctica, whose survivors are seen briefly in the beginning of the movie chasing the The Thing infected dog and are responsible for finding the The Thing and it’s spacecraft in the Antarctic ice.  Mary Elisabeth Winstead plays a paleontologist who is brought the the Norwegian base camp to examine the find but, of course, the alien life form escapes and starts infecting the researchers.  It definitely has the feel of the original but I’m wondering how exciting it will be when we know exactly what the end will be and I’m also wondering if it can survive everyone comparing it to the original.  Check out the trailer and decide for yourself and the movie is out this October.

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