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News Shotgun 7/16


  • Arnold starring in The Last Stand as first movie back:  Arnold has had a myriad of personal problems as of late but he is still returning to movies in the near future and his first movie back on screen will be The Last Stand, directed by Korean director Kim Ji-Woon, who most recently directed I Saw the Devil.  The Last Stand will find Arnold as a small town sheriff whose town becomes the last place US authorities will be able to stop the most dangerous drug kingpin in the country.  The kingpin has a specially modified car, a hostage and an army of gang members.
  • Evil Dead remake moving forward:  There’s been talks about an Evil Dead 4 since Army of Darkness came out in 1992.  There were rumblings this week that eventually were confirmed as official that a remake of the first Evil Dead is going to be underway.  Sam Raimi will produce while Fede Alvarez will direct.  Diablo Cody *shudder* has also been named as one of the screenwriters.  Bruce Campbell was talking about the movie on Twitter but it’s not clear whether he would star or perhaps just have a cameo.
  • Godzilla gets a screenwriter: The upcoming reboot of Godzilla from Legendary Pictures has gotten Batman Begins/Blade screenwriter David Goyer to write the script.
  • Netflix announces price increase for service: Pissing off pretty much every subscriber this week, Netflix announced that, starting immediately for new members and September for existing members, they would by charging $7.99 each for streaming and one DVD at a time services.  If you want both, which costs current members around $11, it’s going to be 15.99 (plus more for Blu Ray).
  • First Look at Total Recall remake: 


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