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Everything Actioncast Ep. 70 “Sucker Punched”

This week on the Everything Actioncast, the whole crew of Zach, Chris, Brian and Joe is here to talk about getting assaulted by Sucker Punch, the lost zombie classic Video Dead, the latest from Jean Claude Van Damme, our first looks at a couple of big comic book movie characters and much more.

  • Show and Tell: Brian saw Captain America, Crazy Stupid Love and Let Me In, Chris and Joe saw The Video Dead and Insidious and Joe also saw Sucker Punch and Zach watched Assassination Games, Thundercats and The Hunt for Red October.
  • News: Trailers for The Darkest Hour and Anonymous,  first looks at Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises and Superman from Superman: Man of Steel, Alexandre Aja possibly directing a Pet Semetary remake, the 25th Anniversary of Transformers: The Movie and the New Release Round Up.

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