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Everything Action Theater: Deadfall

From the depths of cinematic hell come Deadfall.  Michael Biehn stars as the son of a con man who journeys to California to find his uncle after his father is killed on a job.  But who cares about the plot when this movie features the single most insane Nicolas Cage performance, who co-stars as Eddie, the right hand man of Michael Biehn’s uncle.  Cage seems drunk, coked out or both in every single scene he is in, his accent changes in the middle of scenes, he randomly just starts shouting at people and he has one of the most ridiculous deaths in movie history.  It is an absolutely amazing example of a director just saying, “You can do whatever the hell you want”.  As if Cage wasn’t enough insanity for you, later in the film there’s a potential con target who is basically a Bond villain, complete with a pneumatic pincer for a hand.  Other than these insane characters, the movie is a really basic con artist movie, which makes Cage and Dr. Claw all the more crazy when you see them.  You can watch the whole crazy mess right here, thanks to Hulu.

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