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Battle at the Box Office

By Zach

This might be something of a shock but people apparently still love The Lion King, as it’s 3D return to theaters was the clear winner at the box office with $30.2 million.  The Lion King is the highest grossing traditionally animated movie of all time and this weekend actually bumped it from 25th to 17th on the All Time grosses list.  It’s only supposed to be in theaters for two weeks but who knows how long it will stay if it keeps doing well.  Second place went to last week’s winner, Contagion, which had a slight drop in attendance and made another $14.5 million.  Drive took third place with $11.3 million, which puts in the middle range of R rated thrillers/action movies.  The Help continued it’s slow fall down the list, moving down to fourth place but making another $6.5 million and putting it’s total gross to almost $150 million.  Straw Dogs and I Don’t Know How She Does It both had extremely weak openings at fifth and sixth place respectively.  The only other thing worth noting is that Warrior is rapidly falling out of the top ten, going from third last week to eighth this week, which is kind of surprising given it’s great reviews and the usual appeal of the sports movie.  Will The Lion King get rocked by a Stathamcane this weekend?

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