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Adjustment Bureau/Universal Soldier Coming to TV

By Zach

We learned a couple weeks ago that Source Code was getting turned into a TV show by CBS and today we learned that two more movies would be getting “The Series” added to their titles.  First up is The Adjustment Bureau, which SyFy is adapting into a show.  SyFy didn’t say what the series would be like but it’s hopefully going to go more in depth about who the Adjustment Bureau agents are and their methods besides the “magic hats and doors” idea the movie focused on.  It’s also not clear whether the show will focus on one person who figure out the Bureau exits, a la Matt Damon’s character or if each week there will be a new target for the Bureau.

The other movie getting adapted into a show is the Van Damme/Dolph Lundgren “classic”, Universal Soldier, which has been refusing to die for the past 20 years.  Original producers Allen Shapiro and Craig Baumgarten are atteched to the series but no other real information is known like who will star, what the premise is, or what network it will be on.  I’m thinking maybe a “Highlander: The Series” sort of thing where the main character has to fight a new, evil UniSol every week but it seems like a show based on Universal Soldier should have hit during the golden age of syndication that was the mid 90’s.  Original Universal Soldiers, Van Damme and Lundgren, are supposed to be starring in a new Universal Soldier movie, subtitled “A New Dimension” which is going to be 3D and scheduled to be released next year.

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