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Re-Kill Trailer

The latest from After Dark Films is the zombie movie Re-Kill.  5 years after an outbreak that killed 85% of the population and unleashed a horde of zombies, the surviving humans are protected by R-Division, a group of elite soldiers who hunt down and kill any “Re-Animates”.  The most popular television show in America is “R-Division: Frontline” which shows various R-Division missions in graphic detail.  The movie follows one particular episode of the show, from the cameraman’s perspective as an R-Division that includes Scott Adkins and Roger “Curtis Manning” Cross as things quickly go to hell.  I’m a little worried about how shaky the “shaky cam” looks but it seems like there’s going to be tons of zombie action and if Scott Adkins has a scene where he karates zombies to death, the movie will be worth the price of admission.  Check out the six minute trailer/footage below and there’s no solid release date for the movie yet.

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