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Catch .44 Trailer

Coming to DVD and Blu Ray in December is the heist movie, Catch .44, which, despite it’s direct to DVDness, features Bruce Willis, Malin Ackerman and Forest Whitaker.  Ackerman plays Tes, a cocktail waitress who moonlights as a hired gun for a sleazy crime boss (Willis) with her two girlfriends.  The trio of ladies get a job to intercept a delivery of drugs from a diner in the middle of nowhere.  Things get out of control and Tarantinoesque Mexican standoffs and double crosses ensue.  Forest Whitaker seems to be channeling Nicolas Cage, changing accents, wearing disguises and just generally being insane.  It looks like it could be a pretty good Coen Bros or Tarantino lite crime caper.  Check out the trailer below.

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