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Mirror, Mirror Trailer

Last week we got the first trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman and this week we have the trailer for next year’s other Snow White movie, Mirror, Mirror from Tarsem Singh and, my god, does it looks awful.  While Huntsman is taking the Snow White story into the realm of gritty fantasy, Mirror, Mirror is going in the complete opposite direction with Julia Roberts hamming it up as the Evil Queen and everyone spouting horribly cheesy jokes.  Lily Collins stars as Snow White and Armie Hammer stars as Prince Andrew Alcott.  Sean Bean is also supposed to be starring as The King but I saw hide nor hair of him in the trailer.  Tarsem’s signature crazy costuming and settings seem to be on display but it seems to me like it’s swinging more toward the garish side of things, like Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  After seeing both trailer, I’m firmly in the Huntsman camp, even if it does star the horrible Kristen Stewart.  Check out the trailer, if you dare, below.

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