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Everything Action Theater: Out for Justice

By Zach

Despite his recent efforts, I don’t think any action fan can deny that Steven Seagal’s first five movies are all action classics.  It’s hard to pick a favorite out of them but I think a lot of people would choose 1991’s Out for Justice if they had to make a choice.  Seagal stars as the super Italian Brooklyn cop Gino Felino, who is, as the title suggests, out for justice when his best friend, and fellow cop, is gunned down by coked out wannabe gangster Richie Madano.  William Forsythe is amazingly unhinged as Richie and Law & Order OG Jerry Orbach is there to lend moral support to Gino.  The famous “Where’s Richie?” bar scene is worth the price of admission and you can check out the whole movie below.

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