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Battle at the Box Office 12/12

Posted on December 12, 2011 by

Not suprisingly, considering what was released, this past weekend was the slowest box office weekend in three years.  New Year’s Eve “won” the weekend and was the only movie to make over $10 million, just barely, with $13 million.  It’s predecessor, Valentine’s Day, made over $56 million it’s first weekend, so hopefully this means the horrible holiday themed romantic comedies will stop.  Second place went to the other new release, The Sitter, which eked out just $9.8 million and was the lowest opening for Jonah Hill and is the second comedy flop of the year for director David Gordon Green, who directed Your Highness earlier this year.  Twilight, The Muppets and Arthur Christmas rounded out the top 5.  The Descendants keeps gaining theaters and held solid at seventh place.  This weekend has the first couple of holiday heavy hitters so expect New Year’s Eve to be handily defeated by either Sherlock Holmes or Chipmunks (probably both).

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