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Wrath of the Titans Trailer

Clash of the Titans last year was a mess between one of the worst examples of post-converted 3D, a complete lack of a climactic battle and Sam Worthington at his most bland.  Next spring the completely unwanted and unnecessary sequel arrives with Battle: LA’s Jonathan Liebesman at the helm and Worthington back as Perseus.  This time the gods, weakened by an ever increasing lack of faith in them by humanity, are unable to keep the titular Titans in their prison of Mt. Tartarus and they start to escape to wreak havoc.  Ares and Hades also plot with the leader of the Titans, Kronos, to capture Zeus and imprision him in the Underworld.  Perseus must take up arms again and stop the titans and rescue Zeus.  He has help from mythological hero Andromeda, played by Rosamund Pike (replacing fellow proper British actress Gemma Arterton).  There’s really nothing in this trailer that things like God of War have already done ten times better and the super cliche use of Marilyn Manson’s cover of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” doesn’t help matters.  Check out the trailer below, if you want, and the movie is out in March.

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