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Everything Action Theater: Horror Express

I talked about it on the podcast last week but now you can watch the 1970’s lost horror classic, Horror Express.  Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing take a break from trying to kill each other in the Hammer Dracula series to team up to take down a bloodthirsty Yeti monster that’s melting people’s brains on a train speeding through Siberia.  Telly Savalas c0-stars as a Russian Cossack captain.  It’s a really fun movie that has a new twist on your information about the monster every 15-20 minutes and it’s great to see Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing doing science and teaming up and there’s a bunch of other crazy characters on the train as well like spies, chess playing physicists, crazy monks and a Russian count and countess.  Check out the whole movie below.

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