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News Shotgun 2/17

  • NBC orders thirteen episodes of “Hannibal”: NBC skipped the pilot stage and went ahead and ordered 13 episodes of a crime thriller show based Hannibal Lecter.  The show runner is Bryan Fuller, who previously made the cult show Pushing Daisies, and the show seems like it’s going to be sort of Lutheresque with Hannibal helping FBI Agent Will Graham solve various murders.  The show will probably debut in the fall.
  • “I Am Legend” Sequel in the works:  I Am Legend was a pretty surprising success, thanks in part to the Dark Knight trailer being placed in front of it and now a sequel is supposedly in the works at Warner Bros.  The studio would obviously want to try to get Will Smith back but I don’t know how that would happen seeing as he *Spoiler* died at the end by detonating a grenade to kill the incoming vampire horde to allow his two fellow survivors to escape.
  • Jonathan Liebesman in talks for TMNT:  The newest Ninja Turtles movie has been in development for a while over at Michael Bay’s production company, Platinum Dunes, and now it seems like there might be a director with Battle: LA and Wrath of the Titans director, Jonathan Liebesman, who is supposedly in talks.
  • Brian Taylor directing Twisted Metal movie:  One half of the Crank/Ghost Rider team Neveldine/Taylor, Brian Taylor, is directing a movie version of the video game Twisted Metal. In case you’re not familiar, Twisted Metal follows a tournament where insane characters murder each other in vehicles in order to receive a wish from the tournament runner, Calypso.  I’m wondering who will be the main character, as most of the characters in Twisted Metal are despicable, including poster boy and child killing clown Sweet Tooth.
  • Gina Carano cast in action movie “In the Blood”:  Hot off of Haywire, Gina Carano has been cast in a new action movie called “In the Blood”, directed by John Stockwell, whose probably best known for Into the Blue.  Carano will play a wife whose husband disappears while they are on vacation in the Caribbean and she sets off in pursuit of the men she thinks kidnapped him.
  • Transformers 4 on the way with Michael Bay still directing:  Surprising no one since the movies have made billions of dollars, Transformers 4 is on the way with Michael Bay still behind the camera.  The movie is being called an “evolution” by Bay and producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and will feature a new cast and new Transformers, with probably only Optimus and Bumblebee returning.
  • Mattel making a life size replica of the Back to the Future 2 hoverboard:  At the recent Toy Fair in New York City, Mattel revealed they are making a life size replica of the Back to the Future 2 hoverboard.  Mattel claims that it will “glide” over most surfaces and be a 1:1 replica of the movie prop.  They will hopefully be available this winter.
  • SyFy turning Legion into a TV series:  Most people don’t even remember Legion came out until it randomly pops up on their Netflix Instant Watch page but SyFy is turning the Paul Bettany religious action/horror movie into a series.  The show will keep the same concept from the movie in that the apocalypse occurs and a plague of killer angels starts exterminating humanity but a rogue angel also arrives on Earth to protect a woman carrying a very special baby.  I could see this maybe being fun if it was like a road trip show where a small group of survivors makes their way across the country, battling possessed people and angels and whatever other religious creatures pop up.

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