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April Movie Preview

April has become the warm up to Summer in recent years, as thing that aren’t quite up to being Summer Blockbusters get a chance to come out before getting destroyed by the heavy hitters.  This April, we have the return of the second highest grossing movie of all time, Guy Pearce getting his Snake Plissken on, the first Jason Statham movie of the year and a new twist on the “teens alone in the woods” genre.

April 4th:

  •  Titanic 3D: The former highest grossing movie of all time returns to theaters as the latest in the rapidly growing 3D re-release trend.

April 6th:

  • American Reunion: The class of 1999 from the original American Pie return for their high school reunion and quickly fall back into their hard partying ways.

April 13th:

  • The Cabin in the Woods: A group of teens (led by Chris Hemsworth) head out to a secluded cabin for a weekend of partying but slowly realize that things at the cabin aren’t as they appear to be.
  • Lockout: The latest action movie from the Luc Besson action factory finds Guy Pearce getting recruited to head into space and rescue the President’s daughter from an orbitting prison, that has been overrun by the inmates.
  • The Three Stooges: The classic comedy team is resurrected in the latest comedy from the Farrelly Brothers.  Will Sasso, Sean Hayes and Chris Diamantopoulos star as the Stooges.

April 20th:

  • Chimpanzee: The latest Disneynature documentary follows three year old chimp Oscar as he’s separated from his family but adopted by a full grown male chimp.  Tim Allen narrates.
  • The Lucky One: The latest overwrought, schmaltzfest from Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One finds Zac Effron as a Marine vet of Iraq who journeys to North Carolina to find the woman from a photo that he found which he believes saved his life and gave him good luck.
  • Think Like a Man: Based on the Steve Harvey relationship advice book, Think Like a Man follows a group of four guy friends who discover that the woman in their lives have been using Harvey’s book against them and decide to try and turn the tables.

April 27th:

  • The Five Year Engagment: From the producers of Bridesmaids, Jason Segel and Emily Blunt star as a couple who get engaged but just can’t find time to actually get married.
  • The Pirates! Band of Misfits:  The latest claymation feature from Aardman Animation follows the bumbling Pirate Captain (voiced by Hugh Grant) as he and his crew attempt to win the prestigious “Pirate of the Year” award and dodge the fury of Queen Victoria.
  • The Raven: John Cusack stars as Edgar Allen Poe, who is recruited by the Boston police to help them investigate a series of grisly murders that are based on Poe’s various stories.
  • Safe: Jason Statham takes it upon himself to protect a young girl who has become a target of corrupt cops and various mafias when she memorizes a series of numbers that is the combination for a safe everyone wants to open.


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