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Everything Action Theater: The Last Dragon

Last week we featured the music from Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon but now you can watch the entire movie, thanks to Crackle.  Follow the adventure of “Bruce” Leroy Greene as he journeys into the strangest corners of NYC to find a mysterious martial arts master who can help achieve the final level of his training and allow him to get “the glow” and become a master like his hero, Bruce Lee.  Standing in his way is the evil “Shogun of Harlem”, Sho’Nuff, and arcade baron/music manager, Eddie Arkadian, who makes Leroy a target when he rescues the lovely VJ, Laura Charles, from Arkadian’s goons when they try to force her to play the music video for Arkadian’s girlfriend’s latest song on her show.  It’s an insane, cheesy, awesome movie and you can experience the whole thing below.

From Crackle: The Last Dragon

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