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Musical Montage: James Horner

We’re featuring another composer this week in Musical Montage with James Horner, who we are forever indebted to for creating the steel drum infused score for our favorite movie, Commando.  Horner has also done scores for over 100 other movies like Apollo 13, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Aliens, The Rocketeer and, the highest selling score of all time, which is the Titanic score.  Check out some of his work below.

Commando Theme

Braveheart Theme

Wrath of Khan Suite

Field of Dreams Main Theme

Honey I Shrunk the Kids Main Theme

Aliens Main Title

Titanic “Southampton”

The Rocketeer Main Title

“A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics” from A Beautiful Mind

Apollo 13 Main Title

“Pandora” from Avatar

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