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Battle at the Box Office 4/23

By Zach

The Hunger Games was finally bested this week after a four week run at the top.  The new winner of the box office was Think Like A Man, which made $33.6 million and has the third highest opening for the year.  Compared to similar movies, it had a better opening than ever Tyler Perry movie but Medea Goes to Jail and is the highest African American targeted release for Screen Gems, beating the previous holder of that title, Obsessed.  Second place went to The Lucky One with $22.5 million, good enough for the second best opening for a movie based on a Nicolas Sparks book and one of the better openings for star, Zac Effron.  Even though it dropped down to third place, The Hunger Games actually only fell about 31% and made another $14.7 million and moves it into the 19th spot in the all time highest grossing list.  Chimpanzee opened with a solid $10.7 million and the best opening for a nature documentary ever.  The Three Stooges rounded out the top 5.

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