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Everything Actioncast Ep. 107 “GI Joe: Extremis”

By Zach

This week on the Everything Actioncast the trio of Zach, Chris and Joe talk about The Seven Year Itch vs Mad Men, Skateboarding classic Thrashin’, The insanely awesome Cabin in the Woods, Iron Man: Extremis, the various GI Joe incarnations, Dolph Lundgren DTV movies and much more.

  • Show and Tell: Chris and Joe watched Thrashin and The Seven Year Itch and Joe watched UFC 145, Tangled and African Cats, Chris watched Iron Man 2 and Zach watched The Pandora Project, Lockout and Cabin in the Woods.
  • News: Trailers for Stash House, Lawless and the new GI Joe: Retaliation trailer, New Pixar movie news, Axe Cop TV show coming to Fox’s new animation lineup, Robert Rodriguez remaking Fire & Ice, Iron Man 3 gets Guy Pearce and Jessica Chastain, Gina Carano cast in Fast Six and the New Release Round Up.

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