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Musical Montage: Steven Seagal

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while (or our recent Under Siege commentary)  then you know one of our favorite aspects of Steven Seagal is his forays into blues with his band, Thunderbox.  Seagal has actually put out two full albums, Songs from the Crystal Cave (Endorsed by Conan O’Brien!) and Mojo Priest, both of which feature collaborations with actual musicians like Stevie Wonder and Bo Diddly.  Honestly, the songs are not as hilariously bad as you might think although, I’m not sure what the ratio of Seagal to back up band is, so there might be some ringers in there helping make it sound better.  Check out a couple of tracks off both albums below.

“Slow Boat to China”

“Alligator Ass”

“Girl It’s Alright”

“Better Man”

“Dark Angel”

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