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Everything Action Theater: Tron: Uprising Ep. 1

The show isn’t debuting until June 7th but Disney was kind enough to put the entire first episode of Tron: Uprising up on youtube.  The show takes place between the original Tron and Legacy and follows young program Beck, whose city is invaded by the forces of Clu, specifically his general, Tesler.  When one of his friends is derezzed, Beck decides to take up the mantle of Tron and start striking back at the invaders.  The show features an all star cast that includes Elijah Wood as Beck, Bruce Boxleitner as Tron, Lance Henriksen as Tesler and also Emmanuelle Chriqui, Paul Reubens, Reginald Veljohnson and Mandy Moore.  It also has an extremely unique and awesome looking art style and the Daft Punk score is in full effect.  Definitely check out the first episode below and then check out the show when it debuts on Disney XD.

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