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Musical Montage: Jerry Goldsmith

By Zach

Jerry Goldsmith has been working since the 1950’s, scoring some of our favorite movies like the Rambo series, Gremlins, Poltergeist, Planet of the Apes, Alien, Air Force One, LA Confidential and much more.  He’s been nominated six times for Oscars and won one in 1977 for his score for The Omen.  Goldsmith passed away in 2004 but he left a legacy of classic scores behind and you can check out some of his best below.

“The Hunt” from Planet of the Apes

“Love Theme” from Chinatown

“Logan’s Run Suite”

“Alien Suite”

“Suite from The Omen”

“The Calling/The Neighborhood” from Poltergeist

“Gremlins Suite”

“Homecoming” from First Blood

“Star Trek: First Contact Suite”

“Total Recall (Main Theme)”

“Air Force One Theme”

“LA Confidential Theme”

“The Mummy Suite”

“Short Hair” from Mulan

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