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News Shotgun 6/15

  • Splinter Cell rights being competed over: Paramount is apparently leading a bidding war to get the movie rights to the popular Tom Clancy game series following super spy Sam Fisher and the highly covert NSA group, Third Echelon.  The only question would be, who would play Sam?  Michael Ironside voices him in the games.
  • Platinum Dunes TMNT reboot delayed until at least 2014: The controversial reboot by Michael Bay’s production company has encountered script issues and the project probably won’t see the light of day until at least 2014.
  • Raging Bull II to start shooting: A sequel to the Scorsese classic is apparently going to begin shooting with William “Anybody seen Richie?” Forsythe in the role of boxer Jake LaMotta.  The movie will follow a much older LaMotta as he deals with his troubled personal life and flashes back to his previous matches.  Mojean Aria will play the younger, pre-DeNiro, LaMotta.
  • New “1984” in the works: Noah Oppenheim, former producer on Hardball and Today, is now a screenwriter, currently writing a WarGames remake and is now signed on to write the script for a new version of George Orwell’s dystopian classic, 1984.
  • NBC announces fall schedule: The only thing that really matters is that Community is back October 14th and Parks and Rec is back September 20th.
  • Joe Cornish directing Snow Crash movie: Attack the Block director, Joe Cornish, is set to direct an adaptation of the cyberpunk classic book, Snow Crash.  The book follows Hiro Protagonist a samurai/hacker/pizza delivery guy, who must stop a deadly computer virus/street drug from taking over the world.
  • Godfather Monopoly available now:   Hasbro announced that The Godfather is now a Monopoly game for the film’s 40th anniversary.  I get to be the severed horse head!
  • Sony making it’s own Marvel universe?:  Sony currently has the rights to a few Marvel properties, most notably Spider-Man, and, probably seeing the success of The Avengers, there’s a rumor that they might try to tie in at least two of the series, with the upcoming Venom movie possibly having ties to The Amazing Spider-Man.  Sony also holds the rights to Ghost Rider.


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