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Everything Action Theater: Mystery Team

By Zach

We all know Donald Glover is awesome and hilarious as Troy on Community but right before he blew up there, he and his fellow Derrick Comedy members made their first feature film, Mystery Team.  The movie is about three best friends, Jason (Glover), the master of disguise, Duncan (DC Peirson), the smartest kid in the world and Charlie (Dominic Dierkes), the muscle.  While most kids ran a lemonade stand, they ran a detective agency but the thing is, they are still running it as high school seniors and are the most naive high school kids in history.  Their case difficulty escalates considerably when a sweet little girl hires them to solve her parent’s murder and the trio is forced to dive deep into the seedy underbelly of their hometown.  It’s full of incredibly awkward and cringe inducing comedy, like when they guys try to sneak their way into a strip club to question a suspect, and you can check out the whole movie below.

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