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Rise of the Guardians Trailer

By Zach

The greatest legends of all time must join together to take on an evil force in Dreamworks big holiday release, Rise of the Guardians.  Evil nightmare creator Pitch is corrupting children’s dreams and gaining more and more power, forcing Santa Claus, The Sandman, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny and Jack Frost must join together to take him down.  Hugh Jackman looks like he’s going to steal the show as the Australian, boomerang wielding Easter Bunny and Alec Baldwin is Santa, Isla Fisher is the Tooth Fairy, Chris Pine is Jack Frost and Jude Law is Pitch.  It looks pretty cool, with some epic looking action and is hopefully more toward the How to Train Your Dragon and Megmind end of the Dreamworks spectrum.  Check out the trailer below and the movie is out November 21.

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