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When You’re a Spy: Under the Gun

Back from their holiday break, Michael and Co. resume their hunt for Anson while Fiona continues to try and survive in prison.

Having gotten the lead on the corrupt prison guard, Matt Sturges, Michael, Sam and Jesse head to his house to confront but find him dead and Sam is kidnapped by the top new Anson recruit, Rebecca (played by Kristanna Loken), forcing Michael and Jesse to give chase through the Everglades.  Both groups run into a number of road blocks, with Rebecca and Sam having to steal a new car from an unlucky traveler and tricking a cop to avoid their information getting reported in while Jesse and Michael have to deal with the Charger getting some new speed holes shot into it by Rebecca.  There’s a shootout at a local helicopter tour, a quick airboat chase and a stand off with some meth cooking rednecks, you know, everything you expect to be in the Everglades.  Sam manages to carry most of the episode, trying to talk Rebecca out of her alliance with Anson and the combined persuasive powers of Sam and Michael manages to turn Rebecca to their side and they learn the only reason she was working for Anson was that he is threatening to kill her brother.  Rebecca tells the guys they have to find her brother if they want her help to take down Anson.

Meanwhile, Fiona’s newest danger at the prison is a pair of contract killer lifers who have been hired, most likely by Anson, in the latest attempt to take her out.  Ayn says she can get a lockdown initiated and “The Sisters” will be thrown into solitary when their cell is tossed and their cache of contraband weapons is found.  The only catch is that Ayn needs a package delivered to the prison that is at her deadbeat husband’s house.  With the boys out in the swamp, the only person Fi can reach is Madeline, who unsuccessfully tries to get the package herself.  When Michael gets back, he beats the shit out of Ayn’s ex and he and Madeline get the package and Ayn keeps her word an initiates the lockdown and The Sisters are sent to the hole.  I’m a little worried that they are quickly burning through the standard prison stories so hopefully Fi gets busted out in the next couple of weeks.

If you’re a fan of Sam, and that should be everyone, it was fun episode since he was center stage.  Speaking of Sam, I’ve noticed there’s a weird running joke going on this season where they are doing fake out Sam deaths, first in the season premiere where Sam almost died in an explosion and now this episode where they imply that Rebecca shoots Sam in the head.  From the promos for next week’s episode, hopefully Anson will return because he’s such a great villain and it’s great to see and Michael go head to head.

  • Who Am I:Derek Huber, FAA (Michael convinces the pilot at the helicopter tour that he has multiple negligence and complaints against him)
  • Spy Tip of the Week: If you’re ever abducted at gunpoint, act like it’s a blind date; be attentive and an active listener, be friendly and humanize yourself, that way it’s harder for your abductor to shoot you.
  • Sam Axeism: “Thank God she didn’t hit my chin!” Sam on getting clocked in the forehead by Rebecca’s gun


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