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News Shotgun 7/27

By Zach

  • Lady Gaga joins Machete Kills: She’ll play a character named La Chameleon.
  • CW might be developing a Battle Royale series: Apparently the network is in talks to get the rights to the property, based on a book but most famous for it’s cult movie adaptation.  It’s most likely a move to capitalize on the popularity of The Hunger Games.
  • Monsters Inc. 3D moved up to December: Two Pixar classics are getting re-released in 3D before the end of the year.  Finding Nemo will be released in September and Monster Inc., originally going to return to theaters in January of 2013, will be released in December of this year.
  • Denzel Washington starring in The Equalizer: Based on the 80’s TV series that was very much in the vein of The A-Team, Denzel will play a former covert ops agent who uses his skills to help normal people in trouble.  Can Bruce Campbell play his sidekick?
  • Sam Worthington co-starring with Arnold for Ten:  Two Terminators joining forces for a crime/action movie about a group of DEA agents who rob a cache of drugs from a cartel safe house with the intention of selling it themselves but they start getting killed one by one.
  • Despicable Me minions getting own movie:  Gru’s short, sweet, helpful yellow minions will be getting their own movie, most likely in 2014.  Despicable Me 2 is out next year.  Since the minions don’t talk or talk in gibberish, it’s not really clear how they’ll carry a full length movie, they are fantastic in shorts but 90 minutes of babbling and 3D gimmicks sounds like it could get extremely grating.
  • Dreamworks gets rights to Voltron, Casper, Where’s Waldo? and others:  Dreamworks Animation bought Classic Media recently, giving them the rights to many properties, most notably Voltron, Casper, Where’s Waldo?, Rocky and Bullwinkle and George of the Jungle.  They also gain the rights to a number of classic Christmas specials like Rudolph and Frosty.


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