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The Heisenberg Files: “Hazard Pay”

Posted on August 1, 2012 by

On the previous episode of “Breaking Bad”, we saw how deep Gus Fring’s operation has gone. From the paid-off workers, to the Cayman Islands fund, to the Madrigal suicide, we now know that the conspiracy lies deeper than just some “Chicken Man” in New Mexico. It’s definitely deeper than that.

In this episode’s cold open, we see Mike still trying to keep things in order. He’s going around to anyone who might’ve heard about Chow’s death and telling them it was a loose end that’s been taken care of. And that the money they lost to the feds will be back soon via his new operation. For now, all seems good on that front.

Mike, Walt, Jesse and Saul later go cruising for possible cook locations. The first options are shot down due to smell, possible contaminates, and constant government inspections. It isn’t before long before Walt comes up with a genius plan: hire a crooked pest control company and do the cook in the customer’s house before it is sprayed. This gives them a great cover with no possibility of intrusion, and also gives them the closest thing to their RV cooking machine.

So it does look like Walt and company are back in business, which only brings Skyler’s stomach to turn once more. During a lunch break with Marie, she freaks out, leading Marie to think that Walt might be behind her recent mood swing. She confronts him at home asking if the gambling addiction came back, or if maybe the cancer has reared its ugly head again. Instead, Walt White, master liar, tells Marie about Skyler’s brief affair with Ted and that seeing him in the hospital like that simply put her on edge.

Yet another lie from Walter, but this one might stick for a while. Marie’s off the scent for now. Just like Mike’s taken care of the worried benefactors of the Cayman Islands fund. But as we’ve seen on “Breaking Bad”, these good times don’t have the luxury of lasting very long. Walt gets furious when Mike tries to take a cut out of Walt and Jesse’s cash for those benefactors. He later tells Jesse that Victor suffered a cruel death because he didn’t know his place. And while Mike has proven to be an asset in Gus’ operation, he might bite off more than he can chew and find his way out of Walt’s. Jesse seems perturbed, but when Heisenberg speaks, you listen.

Breaking Baddest: Walt’s lie to Marie just seemed so perfect. But it proves he will sink as low as he can go to keep his secret safe.

Now We’re Cookin’… With Psychology: Walt plants a little thought in Jesse’s ear about Andrea, leading to him breaking up with her over his double life. Clever idea, Walt.

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