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When You’re a Spy: Unchained

Posted on August 10, 2012 by

Apologies for not having a recap of last week’s episode but I came down with what could be mildly called “the plague” so I was out of commission for all of last weekend.  Here’s a what happened in a nutshell before we get to this week’s episode

  • Sam and Jesse had to help Sam’s girlfriend’s son, who got in over his head with a crime boss and the trio were forced to steal a truck they thought was full of champagne but was instead full of meth cooking equipment.  A chase ensued leading to a standoff on the highway that Michael managed to end by bringing the original owner’s of the truck to the site as a crooked cop and they killed the evil crime boss.
  • Michael and Fi, meanwhile, were tracking down the number one suspect in Nate’s murder, Rebecca, who disappeared. They tracked her to a print shop that deals in fake IDs and almost catch her but she gets away, although Michael clips her in the shoulder.  They find her bleeding in Michael’s apartment and she says she had nothing to do with it and can provide evidence of where she was at the time.  Michael lets her go and the hunt for Nate’s killer continues.

So anyway, on to this week.  Michael wants the FBI’s file on their investigation into Nate’s murder but they refuse to give it up.  Sam goes to one of his FBI buddies, Agent Woods, who is working on trying to track down a Boston mob boss who is hiding out in Miami and strikes a deal where the gang helps Woods with his case and Woods gets them a copy of the file.  The file has a ballistics match for the sniper round used to kill Anson and Nate and it’s from Meyerson Arms.  Jesse and Agent Pierce head to a local weapons convention where Wayne Meyerson, the scumbag son of the CEO, is hanging out to see if they can blackmail him into giving up a list of who bought that particular sniper rifle in the last year.

To catch the mobster, Quinn, Michael and Fi go undercover as a couple of townies named Robby Doyle and Dawn and fake an escape from FBI custody, taking Quinn’s number two man, Jimmy O’Leary, with them.  Michael manages to convince Jimmy that he is a mob informant with evidence about where the FBI’s main witness against Quinn is.  Sam and Woods are tracking Michael through his belt buckle the entire time but the plan goes south when Jimmy forces Michael to change clothes before seeing Quinn and Fi is left in the custody of two of Jimmy’s thugs.  Michael is forced to reveal the actual location of the witness to Quinn but he and Fi sychronize an ass beating on the gangsters through a phone call and Michael manages to take Quinn hostage and holds off Jimmy until Sam and Woods arrive in the nick of time to arrest everyone.

At the weapons convention, Jesse buddies up to Meyerson and takes him to a strip club and then attempts to “hangover” him by drugging his drink and then taking incriminating photos of him.  Meyerson is such a sleazeball that he doesn’t care if the pictures get out but Pearce barges in and threatens to shut down his father’s illegal bank accounts, which forces Meyerson to cave.  The sales records indicate that the most recent buyer of one of the sniper rifles is a private security firm called Pyron Industries, so the plot thickens.  The cost of getting that information, however, is the Pearce gets investigated by the CIA and is essentially banished to Mumbai as part of an anti-counterfeiting unit, which Michael says will be her basically looking at prescription labels for the rest of her career.  Pearce tells Michael that it better be worth it and takes her leave.

It was a pretty good episode, Jesse broing it up with Meyerson was fun and Michael and Fi’s hilarious Boston accents were up to the usual standard of ridiculous accents.  There was a pretty major lack of Sam this week but he was featured pretty heavily in the last two weeks so I guess it evens out but there should be all Sam Axe, all the time, in my opinion.  The villains of the week were pretty good as well, with Quinn being a convincingly intimidating mob boss.

  • Who Am I?: Robby Doyle, Boston mob informant
  • Spy Tip of the Week: Michael provided some helpful tips about what to look for when you need to steal a car for a getaway.  Look for an employee parking lot in the afternoon, a late model to avoid anti-theft devices and a common color to avoid suspicion.
  • Sam Axeism of the Week: Sam wasn’t really in the episode enough to get a good Sam Axeism in, it’s a shame.
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