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News Shotgun 8/11

  • Double Impact 2 is written:  The JCVD “classic” apparently has a sequel script written by JCVD himself.  The original was a classic “action star plays twins” movie where Van Damme played twins Chad and Alex.  Van Damme said the idea of the new movie is that one of the brothers is sort of worn down while the other is still a deadly force.
  • Bill & Ted 3 moving forward, has director:  The script for the third Bill & Ted has been either done or close to done for a while and Keanu Reeves and Alex D Winter are 100% on board and now they have Galaxy Quest director Dean Parisot on board to direct.
  • A Christmas Story 2 coming: Probably one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time is the original A Christmas Story, where young Ralphie schemes to get a Red Ryder BB gun.  Now a direct to video sequel is coming out this October 30th (perhaps the scariest thing to happen this Halloween).  The movie takes place a few years after the original, with teenage Ralphie now hoping for a car for Christmas.  Daniel Stern is starring as Ralphie’s father.
  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters now R rated: The gritty re-imagining of the fairy tale siblings starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton has been delayed for a while but is apparently coming January of next year and it’s now apparently R rated.  It was originally PG-13.
  • ALF movie in the worksALF the beloved Alien LifeForm of the 80’s, is coming to the big screen sometime in the near future thanks to the producers of The Smurfs movie.  The movie, like Smurfs, will be a mixture of live action and CG and original voice of ALF, Paul Fusco, will voice the lovable rapscallion.
  • Bob Hoskins retiring from acting:  Unfortunately, the fantastic character actor has been battling Parkinson’s Disease and is retiring to spend more time with his family.  Hoskins has created such memorable roles as Smee in Hook, Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and his last role will probably be his recent turn in Snow White and the Huntsman as one of the dwarves.
  • WB approaching Ben Affleck to direct Justice League:  WB is scrambling to catch up with Marvel’s movie success and are trying to get a Justice League movie into development. Reports this week is that they have been in talks with Ben Affleck to possibly direct the big screen superhero team up.  Affleck has directed some great movies like Gone Baby Gone and The Town but it’s hard to see how gritty, Boston crime thrillers relates to big, action packed superhero movies.
  • First official look at Daniel Day-Lewis in “Lincoln”:

  • Michael K Williams joins Robocop: Probably best known for playing Omar on The Wire, Michael K Williams is the latest edition to the Robocop reboot, playing Alex Murphy’s parnter.  Of course, Nancy Allen was Peter Weller’s partner in the original.
  • Joss Whedon directing Avengers 2:  Coming in 2015 and Whedon will also be producing ABC’s TV show based in the Marvel movie universe.
  • The Great Gatsby moves to Summer 2013: I know we’re all disappointed that we won’t be able to see the 3D extravaganza that was Baz Luhrman’s Great Gatsby this holiday season but the movie has been pushed back to next Summer, in order for it to “reach a wider audience”.
  • Joe Carnahan new director of Daredevil:  Joe Carnahan, of The Grey and The A-Team, is the new director of the Daredevil reboot from Fox.  The movie is supposed to be a “hardcore, 70’s thriller”
  • Sasha Baron Cohen may make a Bond/Spy spoof:  It’s definitely not an original idea but SBC is apparently working on a spy parody movie where a Bond like spy has to go on the run with his idiotic, soccer hooligan brother.


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