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Tony Scott 1944-2012

Film fans were shocked and saddened today to learn that director Tony Scott committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in San Pedro, CA.  As details started coming out, it was learned that Scott was apparently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, but that was denied by the Scott family as just a rumor.

Scott burst onto the scene in the 80’s with Top Gun, still one of the most beloved movies ever.  I defy you to find one person who actually hates Top Gun, it’s impossible.

Scott followed Top Gun with Beverly Hills Cop II and reteamed with Tom Cruise for Days of Thunder but then found his niche with violent, stylish action films like the criminally underrated True Romance.

Scott then found a frequent collaborator in Denzel Washington, first in 1995’s Crimson Tide and then following it up with Unstoppable, The Taking of Pelham 123, Deja Vu and, easily one of his best movies, Man on Fire.

Man on Fire was also the culmination of Scott’s frenetic and intense style along with his pushing the boundaries of digital film effects, adding in such elements as distortion and grain to add to the action and characterization of his films.

Some of Scott’s other films include The Fan, Enemy of the State, Spy Game, The Last Boy Scout and Domino.  He and his brother, Ridley Scott, were also constantly producing through their company, Scott Free, most recently producing Prometheus, which Ridley directed, and The Grey.

They might not all be critically acclaimed but Tony Scott’s work was almost always solid, fun entertainment with a distinctive style whose influence is still being expanded upon today.  I’m sure most everyone has seen Top Gun but definitely check out some of Scott’s other work if you have never seen them or haven’t seen them in a while and our condolences go out to the entire Scott family.  RIP

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