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News Shotgun 8/24

By Zach

  • Arrested Development returns Spring 2013:  The episodes will start appearing on Netflix in Spring of next year and there will be at least 10 episodes.
  • Thanksgiving become a full length movie: Director Eli Roth said that he has the script completely figured out and Thanksgiving will move forward to become a full length movie, following in the footsteps of fellow fake Grindhouse trailer, Machete.
  • Uncharted movie getting rewritten by National Treasure writers:  David O. Russell’s bizarre “antiques dealing family drama” version of Uncharted is, thankfully, dead and now the writing team behind the National Treasure movies are rewriting the script.  National Treasure is much more in line with the Uncharted series so hopefully it moves forward into a more faithful adaptation of the game.
  • Sean Penn directing “Crazy for the Storm”, Josh Brolin starring: The movie is based on the memoirs of Norman Ollestad, who was in a plane crash when he was 11 years old on a mountain and he had to use his father’s lessons in survival to escape.  Josh Brolin will most likely play the father.
  • Thor: The Dark World adds Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje: Agbaje will play Algrim, a dark Elf who is defeated early by Thor but comes back as the more powerful being, Kurse.
  • Netflix, DirectTV might pick up The Killing: AMC cancelled their crime thriller, which just wrapped up it’s second season earlier this year, but Netflix and DirectTV might be willing to pick up the show.  Reps from both companies are in talks with AMC but possibly bring the show back from the dead.
  • John Travolta might be interested in starring a Toxic Avenger reboot:  It’s just a rumor but apparently Travolta is interested in starring in a reboot of the Troma classic.  He would most likely play a villain character and not Toxie himself and the movie, if it ever comes to light, would be more toned down and family friend than the ridiculously gory original.
  • The Office ending next season:  The Office will be ending it’s run at the end of next season and show runner, Greg Daniels, said that we will find out who the mysterious documentary crew is, why they’ve been filming for so long and why they are filming in the first place.  He didn’t say if Steve Carrell would return.
  • Disney rebooting The Rocketeer: The Rocketeer was kind of a flop when it came out but it has since become a cult favorite and it’s actually the 30th anniversary this year of the original comic.  Disney recently annouced that they are planning a reboot of the property.  Original director, Joe Johnston, has been trying to get a sequel made for years but made a spirtual successor in Captain America.
  • A Female Expendables in the Works?:  Production company 1984 Private Defense Contractors, who have co-financed movies like The Grey, Machine Gun Preacher and Killing Them Softly, are apparently trying to develop an all female take on The Expendables.  Obviously, this begs the question of who would star and names like Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, Gina Carrano, Michelle Yeoh and Michelle Rodriguez come to mind.
  • James Gunn in talks to direct Guardians of the Galaxy:  The director of Slither and Super is in talks to direct the second movie of 2014 for Marvel.  Gunn’s sense of humor and style seems like a perfect match for a superhero team that includes a talking space raccoon who loves giant guns and a living tree.


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