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The Heisenberg Files: “Gliding Over All”

By brian

Like the last two seasons, it’s impossible to talk about this season’s finale of “Breaking Bad” without discussing the final scene. Not only does it symbolize another shocker in a series of shockers, it’s also sets up some interesting plot-lines for next season.

Before we dive into that, let’s talk about Walt and his goals. With Mike murdered at the end of the last episode, we knew Walter still had to “take care” of the nine (now ten) still left in Fring’s operation. Mike preferred the humane way of taking care of them by paying them off. But with Mike and the funds out of the picture along with the DEA increasing the pressure, something more permanent had to be done.

Leave it to Todd’s neo-Nazi uncle who uses his connections inside the clink to snuff out anybody who might squeal. This infuriates Hank on the other end, who is beyond exasperation. He innocently shares a story with Walt about he used to tag trees and how monotonous it was. Given what he’s had to deal with regarding the ups and downs of the Fring sting, he laments that may be he’d be better suited at that job.

For Walt though, nothing could be better. The remaining loose ends have been tied. And with Lydia’s Czech connection, he teams up with Todd to ramp up operations. A neat little montage displays all this seemingly perfect business to Tommy James’ “Crystal Blue Persuasion”.

Flash forward a few months later and it looks like Skyler is finally come to terms with things and her mood has improved. Marie mentions that she thinks it’s time she takes the kids back. Not that Hank or her don’t want them, but that they feel she’s improved enough to try and take the kids back again.

So here’s comes the ultimatum; in front of all the money they’ve made, Skyler pleas to stop the meth business and help them get their lives back.

Walt ponders it all. The money is clearly a large amount, more than he or Skyler could ever spend in ten lifetimes, she says. So what’s left for him to prove? After an impromptu visit to Jesse, he simply declares to her: he’s officially out.

The end. Well, not really. Walt, Skyler, Hank and Marie all have drinks at the White residence. The kids are back. The idyllic life is back on track. That is, until Hank notices a copy of Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” in the bathroom. The hand-written dedication? By none other than “G.B.”. Gale Boetticher.

“You got me.”

Breaking Baddest: The neo-Nazis, who do a pretty good job cleaning stuff up in jail. If it involves fatal stabbings and engulfing a man in flames.

Now We’re Cookin’… With Debts Repaid: Walt gives Jesse his share finally. A shaken Jesse throws his gun across the floor, ready to use it on Walt if need be.

That’s All Folks: This is obviously my final recap for “Breaking Bad” this year. Thanks for reading! “The Walking Dead” is the next AMC show to start up and I might do recaps for that. Stay tuned.

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