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News Shotgun 9/8

  • Vin Diesel hunting witches in The Last Witch Hunter:  Diesel will play a kind of Blade character, who hunts witches instead of vampires and the movie will be directed by Breck Eisner, who recently directed the pretty awesome remake of The Crazies.
  • CW developing Wonder Woman show:  In the tradition of Smallville and the upcoming Arrow, the CW has commissioned  a script for a Wonder Woman show, tentatively titled Amazon.  NBC infamously cancelled a Wonder Woman show last season from David E. Kelly without even airing the pilot.
  • Safe House sequel in the works: Safe House was a solid action movie and it apparently made enough for Universal to consider a sequel.  Ryan Reynolds would most likely return and they also want Denzel back, even though it makes no sense if you’ve seen the movie.  I wouldn’t mind a prequel that just followed Tobin Frost around doing bad ass spy stuff.
  • JJ Abrams sells “Robot Buddy Cop” show to Fox:  Abrams and Fringe show runner, JH Wyman, have sold a pitch to Fox about a show set in a futuristic Los Angeles where human cops are paired with human looking androids.  Fox has given the show a pilot production commitment but it is still untitled.
  • G4 ending in 2013, being rebranded: The “geek” network that features Attack of the Show and X-Play, that took over for the actually nerdy TechTV, will be finished next year and the network will be completely rebranded to be, according to parent company NBC Universal, to be “more hip and older, less G4, more GQ”.
  • Dark Knight Rises Blu Ray might include Director’s Cut: There are rumors that Warner Bros. might add additional scenes to the Blu Ray release, including a scene detailing Bane’s origin and more scenes that were shot of Ra’s Al Ghul.
  • Amazon signs deal with EPIX: The premium movie network was previously partnered with Netflix but their deal is set to expire soon so EPIX has now signed with Amazon to give their Instant Video service a boost of thousands of movies, including recent hits like The Hunger Games, the Marvel movies, Rango and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  The movies will be available to rent, stream or buy.
  • Troma puts most of it’s canon on Youtube: The purveyors of quality bad movies for over 40 years, Troma, has put most of it’s catalog on youtube, for free.  The only exceptions are the Toxic Avenger movies, available for $2.99 to rent but everything else, like Class of Nuke ‘Em High, Sgt. Kabukiman and more are available right now for streaming.
  • Jim Carrey joins Kick-Ass 2: Carrey will play The Colonel, another superhero who attempts to form an Avengersesque team but are more Mystery Men and he will most likely join forces with Kick Ass and Hit Girl to take on the new menace that is Red Mist.
  • CBS buys Shawn Ryan/Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop TV Show:  The network has given a pilot commitment to the show based on the classic action/comedy series of films and will follow Axel Foley’s son, who is the new wise cracking cop investigating and solving crimes in Beverly Hills.  Axel Foley himself will be the new chief of police but it’s not clear if Murphy will play him.

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