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News Shotgun 9/15

Posted on September 15, 2012 by

  • The Boondock Saints III is on the way: Co-star Norman Reedus, currently playing Daryl  on The Walking Dead, said in a recent interview that he, c0-star Sean Patrick Flanery and director Troy Duffy were going to meet to talk about a third entry in the Boondock Saints franchise.  The second film was not very good but it did end on kind of a cliffhanger that they could use to jump into III.
  • Godzilla coming May 2014:Legendary Pictures reboot of Godzilla, which apparently had some awesome test footage at Comic Con this year, is coming May 2014 and in 3D.  Legendary is working closely with Godzilla creators, Toho, to make sure that a debacle like Roland Emmerich’s 1998 movie doesn’t happen to the new American take on the Japanese legend.
  • Sequel Titles:  The 300 sequel is now 300: Rise of an Empire and Star Trek 2 is now Star Trek Into Darkness
  • Google adds Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon to it’s search engine:  All you need to do is search for a celebrity with “bacon number” after their name and google will tell you how many degrees away they are from Mr. Kevin Bacon.
  • Joss Whedon says SHIELD show will feature all new charactersWhedon said that the show will be a separate thing from the movies and that none of the characters introduced, like Coulson, Nick Fury and Maria Hill will be featured on the show.
  • Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Edition Blu Ray coming Oct. 23: The new, 3 disc set will include a 72 page collector’s book and feature the Final Cut of the sci-fi classic.  It will be out on Oct. 23 and you can pre order it now on Amazon and WBshop.com.
  • New Line meeting with directors for Y: The Last Man: An adaptation of the critically acclaimed comic, Y: The Last Man, is slowly being developed and New Line is currently meeting with directors. Louis Letterier and DJ Caruso were both attached previously and a pair of Jericho writers recently turned in a new script.  The premise of the comic is that every male on Earth suddenly drops dead except a slacker named Yorick and his pet monkey and he must navigate the post apocalyptic, female controlled world to find his girlfriend and figure out what happened.
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